Using a summary I have already begun, I need assistance in creating a power point presentation focused on Persuasion of the consumer and the psychology behind it. Aside from copying and pasting what I

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Using a summary I have already begun, I need assistance in creating a power point presentation focused on Persuasion of the consumer and the psychology behind it. Aside from copying and pasting what I have already done, I need help with creating a proper literature review, proper methods and data collection as I am lost in that area, and the the other slides as well. I have some references already but if you would like to add your own, please feel free to do so. Please keep in mind, I have begun the summary but I need assistance completing the other areas (I need it to make sense).

  • Introduction (1 slide)
  • Research Questions/Hypotheses (1 slide)
  • Literature Review/Theory (2-3 slides)
  • Methods & Data Collection (1-2 slides)
  • Hypothetical Data Presentation/Findings (2-3 slides)
  • Future Research (1 slide)
  • Conclusion (1 slide)
  • References (1 slide)

Using a summary I have already begun, I need assistance in creating a power point presentation focused on Persuasion of the consumer and the psychology behind it. Aside from copying and pasting what I
Vivian Medrano Grand Canyon University Research Proposal Summary (Part 1) Psychology Behind Consumer Persuasion Persuasion is a powerful force that influences society as a whole. It is not always easily observed, many times it comes in subtle forms. Mass media, advertisements, politics, news, and legal decisions all have an influence on us. Understanding what methods communicators use to persuade their audience is essential in psychology in order to better understand which emotional response they target. Through the three core principles of ethics in human subjects, respect, beneficence, and justice will strictly be followed. Through respect, each individual will be treated as autonomous agents and those with diminished autonomy are entitled to complete protection. Through beneficence, all efforts will be made to assure participants’ well-being is prioritized above all. Justice entails fairness for all participants; that their needs always come before the objective of the study. Research Question/Hypotheses: What factors contribute to society’s susceptibility to be persuaded? Increasing emotional factors will increase consumer persuasion. Literature review It is indeed true that the consumers have an unusual consumption pattern. Different scholars have come up with various theories to explain the same some of which are justifiable while others are cultural beliefs (myths). However, most of the claim is that the pattern shifts because of influence and introduction of a new superior good. A series of research has been done of on this and have been used to prove that the consumer taste shifts as a result of introduction of a new good that is better than the initial one. Economists have rewritten their justification on the same in 2014 and further research done five years later (White, Habib & Hardisty, 2019). According to White, Habib & Hardisty (2019), consumers may be more disposed to participate in pro-environmental behaviors. These behaviors account for certain psychological factors including feelings and cognition as mentioned before with the use of pathos, logos, and ethos, but now we are including habits, and tangibility (Lee, et al., 2020). “Positive emotions such as joy and pride have been shown to influence consumer intentions and optimism can motivate the maintenance of sustainable behaviors over time,” (White, et al., 2019). Just like positive emotions, we must account on what will cause negative emotions as a drive as well. Consumers are drawn to the emotional appeal of any and all consumer products (Elbert & Dijkstra, 2014). Consumer expectations change suddenly but there are always motives. The findings presented in all these researches tend to be the same being that it is channeled on the same hypothesis. It has made the conclusion to be that preference and taste of the consumers can shift as a result of introduction of a new good. Similarly, an earlier research done to justify if fiscal policies has an influence on consumption pattern proved that financial constraints and the seasons affects the consumption of a good or service. Following this recession, families and communities’ expectations were impacted. Now there is a fear of demand. Businesses had to find ways to relate to their consumers which is why so many businesses rose in the market (Kemp, 2015). If managed to prove that the financial position and economic fiscal policies can affect the consumption pattern in that people can consume a good that is much expensive when they have the money, but when we consider the average economic class in the country, we can account that the majority of consumers will opt for other alternative goods (Bohlen, Carlotti, & Mihas, 2009). Still, some consumers prefer to purchase items that are financially more comfortable if the product still meets their needs. The elderly are considered part of that vulnerable population that may require different methods of persuasion (Balázs, et al., 2017). Some consumers would rather purchase items that are more reasonably priced rather than where it is located. For example, farmers markets, they may be further for most people, but they are still good quality products at much more reasonable prices (Yeh & Jewell, 2015). Researchers have proved that indeed consumption of a good can be influenced by state of the economy and the introduction of a better alternative (Martin & Strong, 2016). The research proposed believes that there are several other factors that are not considered that tends to influence and affect consumption of a particular good. This research proposal will be thus considering and investigating the general factors that influences and causes the consumers taste and preference to shift periodically. Part 2 Methods and Data Collection The method used is a qualitative data approach. This being a matter of interest it had all sorts of persons taking part in the research. The government being the key interested party, had three representatives, two representative from the Economists Bureau, six people from suppliers society, three citizen representatives from the each communities that the studies was carried on all over the nation, eight research students and a statistician who was to help in data noting and analysis to avoid commission of any error. A notice was given and interested volunteered and selection was made on those who were first and knew to read and write. The design of the research was non-experimental because it was not based to make comparison of the comparison of the consumption pattern of people, but it was rather to identify the factors causing the shifts. But it was to be of the design of between and within specific subjects. Hypothetical Findings It was confirmed that indeed there are several factors that causes consumers taste and preference to change. The major factors that were identified include; introduction of a new better good, influence, utility, income, price, time etc. The statistical procedure used was ANOVA, correlation and the chi-square. The results obtained were the true reflection what had been expected. There are several factors that determine the change in customer taste and preference. The research was carried out in forty communities. The method used to collect the data was through interviews, questionnaires and at times in some instances we observed how the goods of interest were being bought since we had enough time Suggestions for Future Research The future claims that would arise from the study include an elaborate detail of those who communities that would opt for a particular good and the reasons why. Again, the other study would be to conduct a thorough research on the entire communities of the nation being that ours was limited to only 40 communities that were chosen randomly. Being that research is done periodically, future researches are allowed. In fact, it is the only profound way to justify the details given in this report. References Balázs, K., Bene, Á., & Hidegkuti, I. (2017). Vulnerable older consumers: New persuasion knowledge achievement measure. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 41(6), 706. Elbert, S. P., & Dijkstra, A. (2014). An experimental test of the relationship between voice intonation and persuasion in the domain of health. Psychology & Health, 29(9), 1014– 1031. Kemp, E., Min, K. S., & Joint, E. (2015). Selling Hope: The Role of Affect-Laden Health Care Advertising in Consumer Decision Making. Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice, 23(4), 434–454. Lee, S. Y., Lee, J. Y., & Ahn, H. (2020, April 09). Deflecting resistance to persuasion: Exploring CSR message strategies on consumer evaluations. Retrieved from https://doi- Martin, B. A. S., & Strong, C. A. (2016). The trustworthy brand: effects of conclusion explicitness and persuasion awareness on consumer judgments. Marketing Letters, 3, 473. White, K., Habib, R., & Hardisty, D. J. (2019, February 14). How to SHIFT Consumer Behaviors to be More Sustainable: A Literature Review and Guiding Framework. Journal of Marketing, 83(3), 22-49. Retrieved from Yeh, M. A., & Jewell, R. D. (2015). The Myth/Fact Message Frame and Persuasion in Advertising: Enhancing Attitudes Toward the Mentally Ill. Journal of Advertising, 44(2), 161–172. Zarouali, B., Poels, K., Walrave, M., & Ponnet, K. (2018). ‘You talking to me?’ The influence of peer communication on adolescents’ persuasion knowledge and attitude towards social advertisements. Behaviour & Information Technology, 37(5), 502–516.

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