Using Network Simulator, communications homework help

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Please follow the instructions below before starting the activity.

1. Go to the CertExams Web site (listed below)to download the free network simulator (Please review the privacy policy of the CertExam Website)
2. Install the network simulator
3. Run the network simulator
4. Select Use Demo Version
5. Click on the Simulator tab
6. Select Network Simulator (GUI based option is recommended)

Perform the following changes within the network simulator on Router 2:

• Deny all HTTP services using TCP on any network
• Permit all FTP services using IP on any network
• Deny Telnet service using UDP on source network and destination network

Print screen the Access Rules that reflect the above changes and submit. Also include descriptions on how you accomplished the steps, and a reflection on your experience using this simulator in your submission. This should all be done on a Word document.

CertExams. (n.d.). Retrieved from…

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