Using the data below, put your data into the calculator (Minutes in L1 and Average in L2) then calculate the…

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Using the data below, put your data into the calculator (Minutes in L1 and Average in L2) then calculate the correlation coefficient (r ). What is r ? Round your answer to three decimal places. The math action research team at Sample school completed a fishbone diagram as part of the process to determine root cause of low math test scores. Teaching strategies is one of the possible causes. While investigating the various strategies; staff noticed that the test scores for one classroom were consistently higher that the others in the same grade. It was discovered that although all staff used the math games that accompany the curriculum; one teacher had scheduled regular use of the math games. Could this be the difference? Mrs. Alfred scheduled 40 minutes each week for her students to play math games. In addition, she has created a math game center. Students may attend this center each week for additional minutes of practice time. Mrs. Alfred agreed to record data over several units to help determine if there is a relationship between the regular use of math games and math test scores. She had the students keep track of the number of minutes they spent playing math games during the next unit. If the scatter plot shows a positive relationship – further investigation may be indicated. Student List Minutes of Math Games in 9 class days (80 class minutes) Average Test Grade % correct Student 01 81 84 Student 02 50 45 Student 03 75 75 Student 04 60 52 Student 05 75 72 Student 06 80 96 Student 07 65 62 Student 08 83 82 Student 09 80 90 Student 10 78 78 Student 11 96 96 Student 12 94 94 Student 13 78 62 Student 14 88 100 Student 15 85 85 Student 16 79 88 Student 17 38 25 Student 18 87 91 Student 19 100 100 Student 20 90 99 Student 21 80 90 Student 22 91 95 Student 23 80 80 Student 24 73 73 Student 25 85 95

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