Using theoretical approaches to analyze two short stories

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Use one or two theoretical approaches from the file I provided to analyze two short stories from the book Blasphemy by Sherman Alexie.

Analyze TWO short stories that we read for class from Sherman Alexie’s Blasphemy using the theoretical approaches we have discussed over the semester. You should use just one method to analyze each story and it can be the same method for both if you prefer. You must fully analyze each story using the approach, so you should use several components of the lens to develop your analysis. For example, if you chose Formalism, you could use imagery, metaphors and irony to analyze the work. Remember that it isn’t enough to say that there IS imagery. You have to tell me what it does for the reader and how it adds to text. Your response does not need a formal introduction or conclusion, but it must include textual evidence (quotes) and analysis. You will be graded on the following:

1. Clearly stated understanding of the critical approach you will use and why it works well for that particular story.

2. An analysis including at least 2-3 different components of the theoretical approach you will be using that explains how the analytical methods add to an understanding of the text.

3. Textual evidence in properly formatted in-text citations (there is no required work cited for this assignment).

4. Organized format and correct grammar and punctuation.

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