VME University of Florida Laboratory of Benzoylecgonine Components Lab Report

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Describe the handling and storage considerations for the following substances (important issues to address are underlined) (20 points)

  • Radio-labeled benzoylecgonine
  • Methanolic solution of cocaine
  • Blood sample suspected of containing benzoylecgonine/cocaine

Consider in your answer what you learned in this module in regards to controlled substances and hazardous materials as well as under the aspect of contamination and access to samples. You will need to do additional research to determine the specifics for each respective material.Many accreditation standards now require that the uncertainty of measurement for an analytical method be addressed.

  1. What is uncertainty of measurement? Provide a definition and briefly describe how it can be measured. (5 points)
  2. How would you determine the uncertainty of measurement for a procedure that quantifies a single analyte in a blood sample? In responding to this question, you first need to identify a specific quantitative analytical procedure, for example, a procedure used for the quantitation of methamphetamine in blood. Be sure to include all of the components that contribute to the uncertainty of measurement for this analytical procedure. Also, include an explanation of the final results from a statistical standpoint. Please note, in describing the final results, you do not have to perform any calculations, you just need to describe what the final results would consist of. If you are unfamiliar with analytical procedures routinely used to quantitate drugs in a blood sample, you will need to conduct some research to assist you in completing this assignment. (15 points).

A good guideline and explanation of uncertainty of measurement can be found on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) webpage: http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Uncertainty/index.html (Links to an external site.)


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