w different ways communication affects behavior management , writing discussion help

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Review several of your classmates’ posts and respond to two who have posted how different ways communication affects behavior management or have different variables than you.  Compare and contrast your lists and suggest another important factor they may want to consider in their stated profession, and explain why.  Responses to classmates should be a minimum of 150-words.  

Attached is my discussion post so you know how to respond to this response. 

I believe that communication oral and written plays an important role in behavior management. Why, because if their is no communication there will be chaos and behavior problems. Teachers and communication go hand and hand, the teachers need to communicate with the students so they will know what to work on and how to do it and the students need to communicate with the teacher just in case they have questions and if both teacher and student know what it is expected , then the behaviors should not exist.

I would include communication, a teaching plan, respect and understanding.  Communication so we can be on the same page, so both sides can know what is happening and what is going to happen. Teachers should plan on what they will teach that day so they will be prepared and won’t have to stop at the end of an ended discussion to get the rest of the class material ready and no behaviors can start to appear or get started. Teachers and students should have and show respect for each other, that way a relationship can start and both sides know how to treat each other and know how to act and understanding, if a student is struggling on an assignment for a reason that teaching should be understanding and help that student with giving he/she extra time.

From the ASHFORD LIBRARY,  One way to ensure access to such knowledge is through formal or informal collaborations (Ahuja et al., 2005)


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