watch a show and write one page (double space) about how the victims are portrayed

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For this week’s assignment, you will watch any reality-based television program and focus on the way the victims are portrayed.

Note, the program must not be fictional in nature, rather a reality-based program or documentary.

Pay specific attention to instances of victim blaming in the show by any character, whether a member of the justice system or not.

Language that suggests victim blaming includes phrases like, “You should have known better,” “You should have done something to stop it,” or “How could you be so stupid?

Next, provide a summary of the program that you watched, the circumstances of the crime(s) involved, and what you observed.

Some specific questions to consider:

  1. Did the victim precipitate the crime in any way? How?
  2. Do the police appear sympathetic towards the victim?
  3. Does the language used by the police towards the victim suggest that they believe the victim contributed to the crime?
  4. Could the victim interpret this behavior by the police as being blamed for the crime?
  5. How do the victim’s family and friends treat the victim?
  6. Do friends or family members appear to blame the victim for the crime?
  7. How does this affect the victim?

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