​Water Cooler Activity

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Water Cooler Activity

Businesses can use management paradigms and disciplines to increase the overall success of their products and the efficiency of their workers. The strategy known as “Lean” involves the elimination of any expenditure that does not directly relate to the quality of a product or service. Six Sigma can be used to reduce variance by targeting and removing the causes of errors and defects. Total Quality Management is a strategy for continuously improving the quality of the products and services a business provides. The Theory of Constraints is useful in determining the weakest components of a business and restructuring based on those weaknesses.

For this week’s Water Cooler Discussion, find an article concerning one of the continuous improvement disciplines that you have been reviewing this week: Total Quality Management, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, and the Theory of Constraints. The goal is to find an article that can stimulate discussion about which of the continuous improvement disciplines is the most reliable and widely used.

  • Now answer the synopsis of the article you selected and a description of how this management concept could be used by an organization. Identify any challenges or problems that may arise in applying the management concept.

Note: Follow the Water Cooler Activity Guidelines (located in the Week 3 Discussion item) to submit a synopsis of the article.


Thompson, K. S., & Romito, J. (2008). Lean Six Sigma. Armed Forces Comptroller, 53(3), 16–19.


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