webquest resource for nurse educator please use templete attached below

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WebQuest – Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing Education


The purpose of this WebQuest is to promote active learning and engagement of a
real world situation as you gain new knowledge and understanding of concepts
vital to your ongoing success as a nurse educator.


Upon completion of this Assignment you will have a document with a list of
reliable and valid online resources for legal and ethical issues relevant to
practice and competence as a nurse educator.

The learning outcomes for this WebQuest:

  • Explore legal issues impacting the nurse educator.
  • Explore ethical issues impacting the nurse educator.
  • Explore legal issues impacting practice in a nursing education setting.
  • Explore ethical issues impacting practice in a nursing education


To help you complete the WebQuest these resources are provided.


Sheila, the Dean for a prelicensure BSN program, has just returned from a
semester break and while reviewing emails she notices a communication from her
supervisor, Frank Richards, the Academic Chair for Health Sciences titled,
“Student Grievance: Respond Immediately”. The email states:

Sheila, on our return today this is the first email I opened and I must admit
I am quite concerned. This nursing student has alleged numerous grievous
ethical and legal infractions against nursing faculty, the nursing program
and nursing students. Please review the attached letter and respond
immediately. I have set up time tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. to meet in my

Sheila is shocked and unable to remember this student. The program serves a
diverse community of nearly 300 students per year and has never had any legal or
ethical issues in her four year tenure. Before researching further information
related specifically to the student, Sheila decides to review the legal charges
the student has levied to understand the scope of the issues. After speaking
with college legal counsel, Sheila determined the charges alleged by the student
were serious and she would need to develop a deeper understanding of relevant
legal and ethical issues to formulate a valid, realistic response.


Use the assignment template to
identify at least two reliable and valid online resources for each category
identified by Shelia as a necessary ethical and legal resource relevant to this

Make sure to save the assignment template appropriately (refer to Unit 1


  1. Rehabilitation Act
  2. Americans with Disabilities Act
  3. American with Disabilities Act Amendments of 2008
  4. First Amendment Rights
  5. Fourteenth Amendment Rights
  6. Civil Rights
  7. Constitutional Rights
  8. Due process Rights
  9. Breach of Conduct Law
  10. Academic Honesty
  11. Academic Freedom

Each online resource identified must include:

  • a functional link for the resource
  • brief description of the resource including rationale for selection related
    to at least one of the four outcomes;
  • rationale for accuracy and reliability of the resource
  • authority of the resource including individual or group author clearly
    stated with credentials or qualification listed
  • currency; date of publishing
  • APA formatted reference for the resource


  • Refer to the WebQuest grading rubric.


You have now created a resource you can use as a reference for legal and ethical
issues relevant to practice as a nurse educator. When completing the assignment
template, you will be asked to reflect on the following.

  1. Discuss aspects of the Assignment you found most enhanced your learning
  2. Discuss aspects of the Assignment you would change to improve the process
    and the deliverable.
  3. Discuss how you plan to use the resource sheet you created in your future
    professional roles.
  4. Describe how you would respond to the six allegations charged by the student
    including a rationale with each suggestion. Note this is a reflective
    response and is only asking for your opinion.

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