Week 1 Task 3

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Research Applications Presentation

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the assignment requirements below. The presentation should have slides that communicate information and are self-explanatory in Webinar format (not as an oral presentation, but a training presentation that provides information. A picture is not worth a thousand words. Webinar format means the slides should be self-explanatory with phrases, words, tables, figures, and/or bullets. Slides displaying a picture with no words are not appropriate for this type of presentation because it is not an oral presentation).

The presentation should discuss the research principles found in the assigned reading and their application to research in HR.

Include the following:

  • Describe different approaches to research in HR, and the goal(s) of each approach.
  • Compare the application of primary and secondary research within HR.
  • Explain how reliability and validity are used, and why they are important to HR research.

Presentation must be in third person (no I, we, our, you, yours, etc.). Support slides with research, and use several sources to support your work. The use of textbooks is not enough, and additional research is required. Use as many sources as needed. Keep the citations as close as possible to the item they are citing, and list the information in references on the last slide. In addition to the textbooks, use several sources to support your work.

Work is to be submitted in PowerPoint presentation. Work submitted in other formats will not be accepted and earn a zero.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. Include in-text citations placing them as close as possible to the sentence or phrase they are citing, and list the full information for each citation in references.


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