Week 1 Task 7

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Reply to the following post in 75 words or more.

Re: Strategic Planning
posted by Valerie Stewart

One way to create an organization that is adaptable to change is to build an employee culture around the idea that continued success means having a dynamic strategy and openness to change.

Without an employee culture that learns to embrace and support change, any new strategic planning initiatives will be met with some resistance. My organization had decided to create a brand image for itself before the idea was in textbooks. In doing so, they stumbled a great deal before they got it right in terms of training, development, new policies, etc. The “joke” every time anything new was introduced was that the company had a “new flavor of the month”. Employees and managers at all levels would often disregard new directives because they “knew” these directives were temporary until the new flavor of the month came out.

So, given the opportunity to be the HR manager and ensure positive change, I would not only work to create a change-friendly environment, but also work with organization leaders to ensure that the changes are relevant and sustainable before implementing them across the company.


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