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reply to post in 125 words or more.

One writing task that I believe I did well on in the practice essay was being able to write creative really well. I clearly stated the thesis of my paper, but what I didn’t realize was it should be in the main introduction paragraph, mine was at the end of the paragraph. I believe that I need to work on my hook, my introduction was not very interesting and it just started out “When I was 10.” I need something stronger that will catch the attention of my audience. I feel like I can easily write well and detailed, but only in 5,000 words or more. I need practice on writing well in a short amount of words.

For my grammar problems, I need to work on better identifying grammar errors, get a better understand on style in writing and study punctuation errors. I think the best way to maximize your strengths in grammar and writing is simply to practice, the more you write the better you will get. To resolve my weaknesses, I need to study more, read more, I am not trying to study grammar as much as I should be. I could read more books, use the writing center and learning resources, even study grammar in my down time.

My questions is, does there always have to be a certain tone for every paper you right? Personal, Research whatever it may be, why do they have to have a certain tone? I feel like a more relaxed tone for a research paper may be more interesting and engaging for the reader. 


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