Week1 projects

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Week 1 Project Essay—Using Primary Sources
Psychology is a science and is based on scientific methodologies.
Things to know:
Primary sources are the actual articles written by the individuals doing the study.Secondary sources are articles written about the study (e.g., newspapers, magazines, blogs, Wikis, and trade journals).South University online library has extensive databases that should be used to find primary source articles. For help in finding articles, please click on the link to the Library where you will find research guides and information about how to ask for help.The difference between Primary vs Secondary resourcesHow to do an article search (Library Search Quick Guide)Video guide to finding Scholarly/Peer Reviewed articles
Locate one primary source study article that deals with behavior or psychology in general.The article should not be more than 5 to 6 years old.For your report, please provide a summary of the article that includes the purpose of the study (usually located in the beginning of the study), participants, methodology, and results. Conclude your report with your thoughts on the study.


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