What are three conclusions you take away from the article?

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the article, ‘Duck Dynasty’ and Quackery by Charles M. Blow, and write a
six-paragraph essay to address each of the points outlined below (a bulleted or outline response to the points will automatically lose 20% for mechanics). Use standard English and sociological terms in your essay, and submit it as a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file on eCampus.

  1. Draw three main conclusions from the article.
    • Do not just summarize the article. What are three conclusions you take away from the article? Enumerate them (e.g. First, Second and Third).
  1. Explore
    how the social phenomena discussed in the article may or may not
    contribute to human suffering and or social disorganization
    • In
      other words, does Blow believe that Robertson’s denial of racism and
      discrimination leads to pain and suffering and/or social
  1. Identify which social perspective best fits the author’s approach in this article (The Functional-Structural, Social Conflict, or Symbolic Interaction).
    • Choose
      just one. Is Charles Blow’s approach micro or macro? Does he discuss
      how reality is constructed through interaction? Does his approach
      instead highlight how the phenomenon contributes to social integration
      and stability, or rather how racial or gender inquality, for example, benefit some while hurting others, leading to conflict and instability?
  1. ,Describe
    the ways in which the topic can be defined as a “personal trouble” or
    “social issue” (consider the Sociological Imagination – this site may be helpful) Be sure to cite specific evidence from the article to support your position.
    • Go
      to the site I reference, and then address whether what Robertson’s
      denial of racism and discrimination is a quirk unique to Robertson and
      his personal life story (i.e., a personal trouble) or if it represents a
      larger social issue which is the result of historical/social forces.
  1. Describe two important elements of data presented on the chart in the article and briefly interpret each data element.
    • Refer
      to the data provided in “The Southern Divide” chart. Focus on two of
      the poll items, and discuss the differences between what southern whites
      and blacks say.
  1. Based
    on your exploration on points 1 to 5, make three recommendations
    including, but not limited to, a need for future research on this social
    phenomenon, (b) the development of new laws or public policies to
    address this issue or (c) relevant programs to assist individuals and
    groups regarding the issue.
    • Come
      up with suggestions you have for public policy, further research, or
      education which might better enlighten people to historical/social
      forces at work. Enumerate them (e.g., First, Second and Third).

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