What does the period of Reconstruction mean?

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The period after the Civil War is referred to as “Reconstruction”. This 12 years period lasts from 1865-1877.Was this 12-year period of reconstruction successful? Did it accomplish the aims that Republicans hoped to achieve? What about the Freedmen’s Bureau? Was it as successful as it could have been in assisting former slaves with help, access to schools, lost loved ones, and upward mobility? How did Democrats hinder their progress? What is the new reality for African Americans in post-war? What is the new reality for plantation owners in the South? What is one new means of work for the nearly 4 million former slaves in this new landscape of America without slavery?Write a 5-page paper (no more, no less), on this incredibly important time period in United States history.APA Format, 11 or 12-point font, 1-inch margins, double-space (do not write an abstract)5-page paper (additional 6th page for the Works Cited page)Use of in-text citations 3 sources required (be sure to use the textbook as 1 source)


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