what i need? please answer each question in half page at least

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Packaging for Export Question

You have just been recruited by Ikea as a logistics manager in the U.S. For your initial orientation and more experience, you’ll be spending six months in Sweden. You are in charge of shipping a new product to the U.S. (glass office figurines) from Sweden on a multi-modal shipment. What packaging methods would you use and why? The methods must be relatively economical.


International Warehouses and Distribution Centers Question

Go to YouTube and watch “Amazon Warehouse Robots: Mind Blowing Video.” Obviously, this application is for warehouse picking and shipping. What are a few other applications can you envision for this type of robot?


International Logistics Security Question

You have decided to enter a new business. It is associated with your hobby, motorcycles, It is a passion for you to be in a related business. Of course operating capital is difficult to secure and you are just getting your feet on the ground. You will be importing and selling motorcycle parts for at least three far east brands, including the Kawasaki KZ line, Yamaha XSR, Suzuki RM line and the Honda African Twin. Obviously, you will be buying, setting up inventory, etc. and also looking at the revenue side of the equation closely. Your prospective “partners,” the people you will be representing, have asked you for a security plan, addressing both your corporate security and handling of cargo that you will be receiving. Since cash is tight you will have to be creative again. How will you do this? What will be your “basic” plan? This could be a real situation.


Customs Clearance Question

You just were chosen as the Customs Minister of a small country, Which non-tariff barriers would you adopt and adapt to help your country? Why?


Supply Chain Inventory Question

You are starting a small business. You choose the business. You feel you need to start out with economical but helpful inventory management software. Which would you choose and why?


Supply Chain Quality Question

A real-world question. You have just earned a “technical” Bachelor of Science degree. A great job awaits you if you have a master’s degree in quality management. Where would you study for the most economical yet concentrated program leading to that accepted degree? What are your basic reasons?


Developing a Competitive Advantage Question

Do you believe that there are real advantages in learning to use International English and Special English in communicating with non-native speakers of English? Are there other options? What are they?


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