What is Diversity and How does it impact work

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I need a three pages report with the following requirement by Sunday my time(Georgia it 7pm now) 11am

1.  Introduce the topic and social group you examining and why you chose it.  2.:oteratire review: brief overview of the history of the topic or social group in the U.S,, refer to key concepts encountered in this course, address how power particularly power difference between dominant and minority groups, connect to your topic.  3. Methods- discuss the data collection process. Explain how collected your data.  4.  Discussion, analysis and theoretical application-discuss at least three important findings revealed by project and explain what these finding s tell us from a sociological perspective. select an appropriate measurement tool:  an observation checklist, content analysis (videos, magazines, television commercials), and questionnaire- no more that 10-12 question. 5.  Summarize three academic source.5. Reference list, and cite sources in APA format .


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