what is the quantitative minimum and maximum costs for students to own a car or to public transportation

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In this final report, apply several of the concepts you learned in this course to a situation in your life. You must be creative in how you apply these logical tools.

For this assignment, it is required to write a three to five page report. In this report, identify a problem/scenario (of your choice) in your personal or professional life – and then data analytics tools to analyze this problem/scenario and offer possible solutions/insights. In your report, it is required to apply at least two of the following “tools” to your real world situation

a.Spreadsheet Modeling


c.Linear Programming

d. Optimization Analysis

e. Other main topics not listed

Be sure to show your work in the word document that you submit (3-5 pages). Graphs, charts, and diagrams should be included as you see fit.

An example of a final project can be found in the attachment below. The example report examines whether it would be more cost effective for the student to own a car or to use ride sharing apps like Zipcar and Uber. Your report should follow the same basic structure as this example report That is:

Section 1: Introduction/situation definition

Section 2: Analytic Strategy

Section 3: Suggestions/Implementation.


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