What is the real reason why we decide to get married, philosophy homework help

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please make 2 reply for each one of discussion. each one have to be more than 120 words.


What is the real reason why we decide to get married? It is that we feel that it will make us happy or is it really because where expected too. Honestly, I don’t know a really good answer to this question. Since, being married myself that there are not any great benefits from being married, but I do not feel that it should be abolished. However, I do enjoy being married and wouldn’t change it for anything, nevertheless I don’t think it is for everyone.

 One reason people might think of marriage as a way to express their full commitment to another person. Although this can be very far from the actually truth. This is because two individuals get married doesn’t guarantee faithfulness or happiness. So what is the point? In our society I believe that the main reason we get married is simply to be accepted. We feel that is what the idea life entails, without really understanding what we are doing. In society we get taught and told that we have to have go to college, find a nice job, marry someone and then finally start a family. However, in reality those things can be accomplished without getting married. That is why think that married should continue to be allowed. However, there shouldn’t be any legal ties associated with it.  



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