What three things stood out as a significant ?

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Hey guys, another easy an simple essay to do. Just need to watch a video (presentation) that I will put the link below and answer the question.

All info needed are below. https://friendsu.zoom.us/rec/play/aAZLN8v0R8oJS7cm…

Watch the Mckown Gordon Presentation and complete the following:

Part I: What three things stood out as a significant, impactful, new, or important from the presentation by McCownGordon? Please explain why each was chosen.

Part II: For each of the different phases of the project process presented by McCownGordon, provide a brief summary for how you think each of these steps would be similar or different from a Friends University project if the Kansas City Chiefs were doing a similar project on their scale.

Assignments are expected to be in APA format and have 2-4 pages of content (title and reference pages do not count as content). Be sure to cite all sources of information. Points will be deducted if these expectations are not met

Please let me know if you have any other question.


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