“What Veterinarians Know That Doctors Don’t” Video Questions, science homework help

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“What Veterinarians Know That Doctors Don’t”

Watch the video, then answer the following questions. Thank you.

The video is in the link below:



1) What realization did Dr. Natterson-Horowitz come to due to her work as both a cardiologist at UCLA and a contractor who helped the Los Angeles Zoo? What question did that raise in her mind?

2) What is one of the explanations Dr. Natterson-Horowitz gives for why there’s such a divide between treatment of humans and animals in contemporary society?

3) Name and describe one of the three conditions Dr. Natterson-Horowitz mentions that have been well-studies by veterinarians, who might have insights to provide in diagnosing or treating those conditions in human patients.

4) Do you find Dr. Natterson-Horowitz argument that physicians can learn a lot from veterinarians convincing? What part of her argument is, to you, especially strong or weak?


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