WhatsApp vs iMessage

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You now need to develop the tasks you’ll ask your participants to do to exercise the parts of the products that have interface design differences. For example, if you had two sale-based websites and they had different ways to remove items from the cart, you would ask people to remove an item from their cart to see if the design differences have an effect on the user’s ability to perform the task. Document at least TWO task for each design difference you found. You may need to add some other tasks that help set up the actual task (for example – “find cases for an iPhone 8”, then “expand your search include iPhone 7 cases “). Remember to tell people what you want them to do, not how to do it in the interface (e.g., “find the nearest Starbucks” versus “using the search box, enter ’Starbuck’. In the results list, sort by distance to find the nearest one


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