Who is Muhammad and the Quran?, history homework help

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Write a power point presentation on: Who is Muhammad and the Quran

The presentation should address key events, themes, movements, cultural developments or personages of the period. The presentation should also focus on a brief summary or outline of the reading and a discussion of the significant of the theme. As well, provide a personal reaction/ response. Comment, for example on what you learned that surprised you and why.

The minimum number of the power point slides should be 8-15.

Guidelines for topic presentation.

– Begin with a summary of the topic assigned ; what period of time does it cover, what key concepts are presented?

– Outline the topic in 1-2pp

– Name one fact or interpretation that surprised or interested you personally, Why did it stand out for you?

– Conclude with an Analysis of what was the significance of the topic that you read about. How does the topic relate to the themes of the class? What are the implications of the topic – in your opinion -for subsequent historical developments (cultural, economic, social or political)?


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