WK4 Assignment – Analytic Paper: Due

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Analysis Paper
Drawing on relevant theories, perspectives and models (e.g. development, ecological systems, transactional, biological, psychological, strengths perspective), the readings, outside references, and class postings / discussion, write an APA formatted, properly referenced (min three references), 7-8 page paper (excluding title and reference page) that includes the following content:

  • Place the social worker within her or his context by discussing important information about the agency, her or his practice, (e.g. client load, programs, culturally competent practice behaviors, etc.), background, current context, experiences and other collaborative agencies, strengths and gaps in services, etc. Ask the social worker about a memorable case, what was the situation, intervention applied, outcome, what worked, what would they have done different and insight they attained as a result of this case experience.
  • Discuss practice intervention methods, and social workers method(s) engaging, assessing, intervening and evaluation with Hispanic elders. Does the agency incorporate certain specific assessment instruments, are they culturally sensitive instruments, and what do they assess? The purpose of this section is to demonstrate that you have developed a very good sense of how the social worker practices with Hispanic elders.
  • Describe and analyze what you have learned about the social work practice with Hispanic elders. What are the theoretical and practical aspects of working with Hispanic elders? What are the appropriate theories utilized by the social worker and/or what theories did you identify being used as a result of completing the interview analysis?
  • Include a brief, summary discussion of the social worker’s and systematic factors that impact their practice with the clients they service. How does the social worker navigate client and resource challenge(s)?
  • At the end of this more formal analysis, write one or more pages commenting on your own experience of doing this assignment and describe how your cultural lens affected your interview and analysis. What did you learn from this interview content that will enhance your future practice as a social worker with Hispanic elderly? Critically reflect on your strengths and how you would improve your interview skills. What worked well and what would you do differently?
  • Remember to integrate interview content in your analysis.

Suggested Guidelines for Writing the Paper

  1. A good assessment/analysis of a person is like a good storyline in a book. It is easy to read, has a sense of movement to it, makes sense when considering the person, and brings insight to the reader and life to the person being assessed.
  2. What theory or theories do you find helpful in light of your observation? If several seem helpful or parts of several are helpful, use more than one and discuss the differences. You may find yourself having a dialogue between two or more theories as you try to understand the person and his or her interaction with the environment. One caution—one is not able to prove or disprove a theory on the basis of one observation; so you will discuss the helpfulness or limitations of one or more theories but your observations will not ‘prove’ or ‘disprove’ any one theory.
  3. The theories should be woven into your paper, not just listed, and should be used to support your interpretations. Theories are meant to bring greater insight to a person’s behaviors, feelings, cognitions, etc. If they are not doing so, you may not be applying them correctly. Do not feel as if you have to “teach” the theory. Simply apply it to how it is being used in this setting as appropriate.
  4. Credit authors and other sources appropriately (APA style). At the end of the paper there should be a Reference page, alphabetically listing only the books or articles cited in the text of the paper.

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