Workplace Memo: Parking Violations discussion

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Workplace Memo: Parking Violations Attachment


Required length of post: 80-100 words

Read this business document and evaluate its effectiveness based on the following criteria:

  • Are the style and tone appropriate for the audience, the purpose, and the message? Explain.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the organization and formatting choices made in the document–how will these elements affect an audience’s response to the message?
  • Has the writer chosen the appropriate medium (email/memo/letter) for conveying this message?

In your response, please refer to some points from this week’s reading to show their relevance. You should also provide references to/quotes of specific pieces of the workplace document as examples to support your points.

A successful post will:

• Follow the instructions given

• Support any points with examples

• Show some knowledge gained from the textbook reading, beyond what other students have already said

• Consider style and clarity: While communicating in this informal environment, recognize what kind of organization, sentence structures, and word choices will provide the most clarity for communicating with your colleagues.

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