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  1. Write an essay of at least 500 words in which you analyze how Gender and Queer theories apply to The Importance of Being Earnest.
  2. Compose with the essay with a brief introduction and thesis statement in which you argue ways gender and queer issues are addressed in play.
  3. Draw on and cite from the two essays on Gender and Queer theory that you read read in 5.1, as well as from the play itself, as you compose your main body to argue the validity of these theories as a useful lens for reading the play.
  4. Write at least three main body paragraphs, organized around the analysis of one specific area Wilde’s play deals with the issues from the two articles.
  5. Conclude by not only restating your introduction but, in light of what your main body analysis has revealed, expand on it by specifically and forcefully summarizing your main points.
    • Use MLA format for both in-text citations and your works cited.
  6. Submit your essay by clicking on the link above and attaching your Word document to the assignment submission.

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