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Party Platform Research

70 pts.

The purpose of this assignment is to choose one political
issue (ex: marriage equality, public school funding, abortion, gun regulation)
and then review the Texas Democratic Party, Texas Green Party, Texas Libertarian
Party & Texas Republican Party platforms. 
You must summarize (in your words) the party’s position and specific
goals regarding the issue you selected. 
You must review the most recent platform located on each party’s
website.  The easiest way to locate the
platform is to simply google the party platform, ex: Texas Democratic Party
Platform.  Once you have located the
issue, you need to prepare a typed paper using the following guidelines:

1)  Explain how your issue affects the state and
why this is an important political/policy issue in the state of Texas. ( Use a
minimum of two sources in the section) 10pts

In a separate paragraph for each party, summarize the
platform regarding the one issue you have selected.  Do not copy and paste any information from
the platform.  No quotes are needed in
this paper.  The purpose is for you to
review the issue and explain in your words how the party stands on the issue. 40pts

In the closing paragraph tell me what you learned from
the research.  Explain the overall
similarities differences in the policy/goals of the party regarding the issue
selected.  10pts

4)  Include
a works cited page, and you must cite within. You can use MLA, APA, CHA,
etc.  Simply choose one method and stay
consistent. The paper should be a minimum of 1000 words, double spaced, with 12
font.  10pts

5)  The
final paper must be submitted to the drop box, which is automatically set up as
a Turnitin drop box.

Read the following information to avoid common
problems that students have, generally because they are not familiar
with writing papers or because they do not read directions or ask

Sources for this paper

As explained in the instructions, you must use the
Texas State Party Platforms.  In Federal Government you look at the
national platforms.  If you do not use the Texas Party Platforms, you
will likely fail this paper.

Rules for proper Citing:  

1)  You must not only have a works cited page, you must also cite
within the paper to show your reader where you specifically found the
information you are summarizing.  For Example you can say: According to
the Democratic Party Platform, Democrats do support the right of
citizens to own guns.  However, they view crime prevention and public
safety as a job of the government and police. ( Public Safety, 40)

  You must then have a specific entry in the Works Cited page for the
Texas Democratic Party Platform. Feel free to use EasyBib or any other
citation generator such as that..

       If the platform does not use page numbers, then you must cite
to the specific section/number where the information was found. This
will be true for the Texas Green Party and the Texas Libertarian Party.
 For example:  

The Green Party, under the section “Gun Safety” , supports licensing
and registration of hand guns and assault weapons (II.G.3).  


Libertarian party supports maximum rights of people, and the sole
role of government should be to defend the freedoms of the people.  The
party clearly states that any government that prohibits a person right
to self-defense should be brought to “heel” or be repaired (Statement of
Principles, 1).  Specifically the party supports the right of citizens
to open carry ((II.1.C).

    There is a citation guide posted for you under the Important Course Module.

No Quotes Allowed

     The purpose of this assignment is for you to
learn to read the platform, analyze the party stance on your issue, and
then explain to your reader in your words how the party stands on the
issue.  I suggest you select a friend or family member to read your
paper and see if they understand the party’s position on the issue after
reading the paper.  If they do not, then you probably have not done
what you need to do.

    You are not allowed to quote in this paper,
because I know what the platform says, I want to see if you can
understand and explain the platform.  You must still cite to the page
number(s) where information was gathered.  Students incorrectly believe
you only cite when you quote. This is wrong, use my example above.  You
must always tell the reader where you collected any information you are
summarizing.  You must always give credit to the source. 

Plagiarism Check

     The drop box for this assignment is
automatically set up as a Turnitin Drop Box.  Which means that when you
submit the paper it will check for plagiarism.  It generally takes about
an hour for the plagiarism report to generate.  You will see a colored
box with the percent once it is completed. It is your responsibility to
turn the paper in early enough so that you can check the report and make
any changes necessary.  Sometimes information will be highlighted as
plagiarism, such as the works cited entries.  You do not need to worry
about that, or very common wording such as Second Amendment.  However,
when you see full sentences highlighted or paragraphs, this is a
problem.  It means you have not put the information in your words.

     Students always want me to give them a percent that is
acceptable.  I cannot do that.  You need to submit the paper and review
the report.  One copied sentence is plagiarism.  You have the ability to
resubmit the paper as many times as you like until the due date.


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