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The stranger ;https://www.macobo.com/essays/epdf/CAMUS,%20Albert…

Read up through the end of chapter 4 of The Stranger, reading very slowly and making note of any moments where Camus uses imagery from “nature” or where you can relate to Mr. Meursault, our protagonist (a real “character”!)
Write a scene from your own life, with lots of concrete, sensory detail, where you describe a moment of feeling trapped or powerless, like you couldn’t escape. Think about a situation where, like Meursault, you felt like you HAD to be where you were and you didn’t want to be there at all!
(You could be riding the shuttle!)
(You could be on an uncomfortable date, or at an awkward dinner!)

Describe it slowly, really slow down and bring in lots of detail. It doesn’t need to tell a story. Make sure you are using full, vivid sentences to bring your reader deeply into your own particular bad situation.

This should be 500 words minimum.


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