Write Critical Book Review on All Shock Up: How Rock ‘N’ Roll Changed America by Glenn C. Altschuler

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In this assignment you are required to write critical book review. Please keep in mind that the critical book review IS NOT A BOOK REPORT. Do not re-tell the story.

Your aim is to critique the author’s work. Examine what is objective was in writing the work, discuss how well (or poorly) he accomplished his objective. Use examples, citations, and quotes from the work itself to support your arguments.

I expect to see well supported arguments at this level of work.

Beware of plagiarizing.

12-point Times New Roman

DO NOT USE FOOT NOTES IN A BOOK REVIEW — Use parenthetical references only. That means page number only in the parenthesis. It is not necessary to include things like the author’s name, or pp, or page before list the actual page you are citing.

USE PAGE NUMBER ONLY in parenthesis.


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