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I Have journal that i want you to write chose one option and write one page and half, make sure to not copy from online.

Journal Topic 4: Romantic Relationships

Respond to one of the following options.

Option 1

Using the self-assessment in Chapter 7, identify the love languages you value most.

Now consider which have the greatest value for a relational partner of yours.

(You may need to ask him or her or have that person take the self assessment quiz.)

How closely do the ways you express our feelings match your partner’s love language preferences and visa versa?

How might you both improve in this regard?

Option 2

Think of a current, past, or potential romantic relationship.

Which stage of Knapp’s model are you in?

If the relationship hasn’t yet started, how might you initiate the first stage?

If it is past or current, what stages in Knapp’s model have you experienced?

What turning points have marked each stage?

What brings you closer?

What makes you more distant from each other?

Are you happy with the intimacy level of the relationship?

Why or why not?


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