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Many people choose abortion for an unintended pregnancy. Legally, the woman has the sole right to choose whether she will terminate a pregnancy or not.

What role do men play in the decision to pursue an abortion? Should a man be have the legal right involved in the decision to get an abortion? Should a man be involved, relationship-wise, in the decision to get an abortion?Explain your reasoning. Use the questions above to facilitate discussion amongst your peers.

You must post an original response to the discussion prompt above (15 points). Then reply to at least 2 classmates’ post (5 point each). Remember to post thoughtful and complete replies. The original response should be be posted at least 4 days before the due date.


1 In my opinion I feel as though men should not have a role when it comes to the decision of a woman wanting to keep her baby or even having a abortion. A man should not have a legal right when involving the decision process, just because they don’t experience the emotion or aspect that the female body goes through. Or the emotion of what the female feels when being connected to the baby every day and night. A man should be involved in such situation relationship wise, just because support is needed and is a heavy factor. Instead of having to go through this by herself she can have someone there. To make her feel comfortable and to have the stability that everything will be okay.

2.Personally the man has a part in the decisions he really don’t have a say due to the fact that there not carrying the baby . I feel like a man should be in the decisions if it was a legal thing they should hav ea say . If thier in a marriage its a different story i feel like their should be a mutual agreement , i feel this way because if your in a marriage you have taken vows to a person and having a child is something thats should be talked about with eachother .

3.The abortion is being a big problem around the world and some people do it because they haven’t the ability to raise a child and some do it because they are not ready to become a parents so the decision will depends on the situation of the man either he’s going to be happy or sad because he has no ability to raise a child . In my opinion I see that man should not have the legal right to get an abortion if the mother can take care of the child , but if the mother cannot take care of the child in this case i see the man has the legal rights to ask for an abortion. If the mother does not want to an abortion in this case they both should make a money to raise the child. Of course man should be involved to get an abortio because he is right now consider as a father so he is responsible about the child as the mother do .

4.Men can play a number of roles in the decision to pursue an abortion, primarily emotionally and practically. Legally I think that men should be involved in the decision to get an abortion, however, I still feel like the woman gets the final call in the matter especially since she’s the one who has to deal with the burden of carrying and giving birth to the baby for the next few months. Relationship wise, a man deserves to be heard by the woman. If they plan to be in a relationship together then they will have to be accepting of how each other lives. This includes whom that person lives with, which in this case would be their baby. That baby belongs to both of them so they both deserve to get a say in the decision, but as I said earlier I still believe that the woman should get the final say.


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