Write two Essays about those questions below in history

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Essay: You will select two of those questions to compose a thorough essay addressing the question or statement. Use complete sentences and paragraphs to provide an introduction to the argument you are about to make, a body containing your evidence and analysis, and a forceful conclusion summarizing your argument. You are encouraged to reach your own conclusions rather than what you think the professor wants to hear.  

1. Survey the actions and events from 1763 to 1775 that led to the Continental Congress issuing the Declaration of Independence in July 1776. Use specific evidence to argue either for or against placing your signature on that document.

 2. What two visions of America’s national growth underlay the first party system, and how did the two parties differ on national policy? Use specific evidence to justify your arguments and narrative.  

3. Thomas Jefferson described a future United States of people imbued with the ideas of liberty
and equality filling “land to the thousandth generation.” What specific steps did Jefferson
undertake to accomplish this vision? What conditions in North America did Jefferson overlook
in his vision of an American “empire” stretching from the Atlantic to Pacific oceans? In what
ways were Jefferson’s ideas pursued before he was elected president and by his successors James
Madison and James Monroe? 


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