writing a professional interview questions

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write a professional interview questions to ask Publix’s representative to understand their organization behaiver in the following topics:

1- Organizational culture

2- leadership Style

please write a good questions that can help me get the right answers from the company

—————– here is an outline that could help you to understand the idea ——————–

Studying the organization culture and the leadership structure of Publix will help identify the factors behind the company’s success and the challenges that it faces. Organizational leadership and corporate culture are intertwined and have a huge impact on the organization’s performance.

  1. Selected Company ( Publix)
  2. OB topic(s)
    1. Organizational culture
      1. Beliefs, Values , and Assumptions
      2. Organization’s environment
    2. leadership Style
      1. Workflow
      2. Accountability
      3. Authority

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