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Certain business practices, such as building a reputation, collaborating with others, and advertising services, could apply to any type of professional, including some in the field of psychology. However, the field of psychology has strict standards regulating advertising and other forms of solicitation. It also presents some unique ethical concerns not relevant to other professions. Although reputation and partnerships are certainly integral to the business of psychology and are vulnerable to ethics violations, other business aspects of psychology are equally important, such as the protection of privacy of research participants and codes and standards related to record keeping and fees. The best prevention is to increase your awareness of ethical violations related to business as well as to develop alternatives to ethical dilemmas related to the business of psychology.

For this Week’s Discussion, review Decoding the Ethics Code, Chapters 8 and 9. Select one of the “poor outcome” cases (located in the gray sidebar boxes and indicated by a checked “x” in the small boxes next to each example).

a brief summary of the “poor outcome” case you selected. Then explain the ethical violations related to the business of psychology the researcher committed. Also, suggest at least one strategy the researcher could have implemented to resolve the ethical dilemma. Finally, describe any outcomes the suggested strategy might cause, including additional dilemmas, and explain why.


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