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One type of business letter is the cover letter. Cover letters are sent to an employer, along with a résumé and application, when you apply for a job.

Cover letters include the parts described above that all business letters include. Most cover letters are about three paragraphs long and fit on one page. The purpose of a cover letter is to get the employer to look at your résumé and application, and hopefully ask you in for an interview. So you need to sell yourself to that employer!

Usually the first paragraph will give some information about where you found out about the job opening and maybe why it interests you.  The second paragraph should include specific details about why you would be a great person for this job. The third paragraph gives information about how and when you can be contacted for an interview.

Write a letter to the address below. You are responding to an advertisement from the Willamette Company for a job opening as an office assistant. You did some research and learned that the person to whom the application should be sent is Ms. Katrina N. D. Waives. You are going to enclose a résumé and three letters of reference. Your résumé will have details about your qualifications, so you should just give a brief but inviting overview of them here. In addition, your letter will include a very important paragraph that is not normally a part of a business letter. You will tell what format you are using for your letter where you got the information on this format. 
Address of the Willamette Company: 355 Buck Hill Road, Portland, Oregon 48792.


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