Writing Short Proposal (Hybird Car)

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Subject : Hybird Car

Assignment #1:

  • Cover Page
  • Abstract
  • Purpose Statement & Rationale
  • Statement of Qualification
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Expected Findings and Implications
  • Bibliography

Requirement Details

  • Write a cover page. It must include a header, running head, the title of the project, your name, and the institution to whom you are submitting the proposal. (See Lester p.323)
  • Write a paragraph of 50 to 120 words. It must be a summary of your project.
    • Write a sentence stating the topic
    • Write 1-2 sentences stating the purpose of the project
    • Write 1- 2 sentences explaining your methodology.
    • Write 2-3 sentences stating your expected conclusions and implications.(See Lester pp. 322-323)
  • Write a paragraph of4- 6 sentences stating your rationale, i.e. your reason for doing the project. Write another paragraph of4-6 sentences identifying a minimum of three topics you plan to include in your project.
  • (Optional) Write a paragraph of 4 – 6 sentences stating your experience, if any, and any other qualification you may have .
  • Write a minimum of two paragraphs (5 -7 sentences each) reflecting on books, articles, etc. you have examined in preparation for your project. Each paragraph must include a minimum of three relevant references in APA format.
  • Write a paragraph of 5 – 10 sentences describing your research methods.
  • Write a paragraph of 4 – 6stating what you expect to find out andpossible implications.
  • Include a list of at least 10 references. Use APA format.

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