​Writing the Personal Marketing Plan Project

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Write a mini-marketing plan about my self (As in the CV uploaded). The plan should be written to give you a framework for marketing yourself to potential employers or a graduate school (e.g. PhD) – or wherever you want to go next in your life. It will be graded on how well it reflects the structure of a marketing plan and applies the concepts to this situation. Therefore, it should have the following sections:

Executive Summary – 1-2 paragraphs that provides an overview that focuses on the strategy more than the situation analysis.

Situation Analysis:

  • Customers. These would be potential employers, the companies or industries you might target with your employment services. Briefly describe the market with facts and data – information you might gather online or from the College’s Career Services professionals.
  • Focus the section on the primary industries or companies that you will be targeting for your services.
  • This section should also highlight what types of jobs they offer and possibly estimates of how many openings are likely to occur.
  • Some recognition of the different types of firms in this market.
  • Note, if you are interested in multiple industries or different types of jobs – focus THIS plan on one of those (on your own you should develop plans for other firms).
  • Who in these companies do you think (or know) would influence or make hiring decisions?
  • What are the customer needs? What skills do they need? What will be keys to success among these customers?
  • Company. This is you. What do you want from a job? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your passions?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are there any constraints on your search (for example, family matters require me to stay in Colorado)?
  • Competitors. Who else is trying to get those same jobs?
  • Identify competitors who might also be seeking the same jobs.
  • What are strengths and weaknesses of each type of competitor?
  • This might be easy to present in a simple table – you can create a competitor matrix
  • Context – External market environment. Elements and issues that may be important.
  • There should be some discussion of each aspect of the external market environment from chapter 3 – even if only a brief mention of an aspect that it is relevant.
  • S.W.O.T.
  • Include a S.W.O.T. (strengths & weaknesses are internal to you – and opportunities &threats that are external)
  • You probably want to list from 3-6 of each of these – choose the most important factors.

Note: Add threats points based on Qatarization, which means that there are jobs where it is only for Qatari people.

Strategic Direction:

  • Segmentation and targeting. From all these potential employers, which one industry or few related companies will you target? Why?
  • This section should include a brief rationale for your decision. The rationale for your choice should come by directly referencing things you have already written in the Situation Analysis.
  • Differentiation and positioning. How are you going to differentiate yourself from the competition? How do you want employers to view you? [Note: because you have time to make changes to your product, you can note things you plan to do between now and graduation or job hunt time to enhance your marketability.]
  • This section should also have rationale that clearly describes the competitive advantage you can offer to a prospective employer. And how you would position yourself vis a vis competition. Logic should come from all off the four C’s.
  • Summarize this with a clear positioning statement in the form:
  • “Among all potential (job type) hires, (your name) is the most (list 1-3 unique qualities you bring to a company) because (proof that you actually have those qualities)
  • The qualities you can bring to an employer (in the positioning statement) should be demonstrable – hopefully with evidence or perhaps stories you can tell that show you have that quality. Develop and refine those stories – then look for ways to bring them into your Promotion efforts in the strategy section (e.g., cover letter, resume, and interview.)

*** Words count = 2000 words minimum.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I’ve uploaded CV attachement named “My CV”.


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