Writting Assignment- The Beginnings: Prenatal Development and Birth

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  • Written Assignment 1: Option 4

    Chapter 4 describes prenatal development from conception to birth, with an extensive discussion of prenatal risk factors. Video lesson 4,  “The Beginnings: Prenatal Development and Birth,” complements the text and follows the experiences of an expectant family through the prenatal process to the live birth of their second child.

    1. Outline the major periods and developments of pregnancy, from conception to birth.
    2. Approximately what percentage of pregnancies result in living newborn babies? Discuss.
    3. When is the developing organism most at risk for developing birth defects? What is the role of folic acid in preventing birth defects?
    4. What are teratogens? Identify at least four categories of teratogens.
    5. What is the difference between a low-birth-weight baby and a small-for-gestational-age baby? What is the role of poverty?
    6. Describe the process of a normal, uncomplicated birth and tests for assessing the newborn’s condition. 


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