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You have viewed the five segments that make up the video Three Approaches to Sport Psychology Consulting. This video features three sport psychology consultants who use very different approaches in interacting with athletes.

For this assignment, consider how you might be applying sport psychology skills to your role, and address the following steps:

  1. In 1–2 paragraphs, outline how you plan to apply sport psychology principles.
  2. In 1–2 pages, discuss your approach to applying these principles.
  3. Because some people may be applying sport psychology principles within a role such as that of a coach or athletic trainer, discuss how you would introduce these concepts to the athletes with whom you might work, in addition to any limitations or concerns you feel might be a result of this work.

Read the Sport Psychology Skills Application Scoring Guide prior to submitting your assignment to ensure you have met all of the criteria of the assignment.

Explains how sport psychology principles can be introduced to athletes, and explains how to overcome objections. Explains the approach to applying sport psychology principles, and identifies how to overcome roadblocks in the application. Describes limitations or concerns about applying sport psychology principles, and explains how to overcome these limitations and concerns. Communicates in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the psychological professions. Communication is concise, balanced, logically organized, and free of grammatical and mechanical errors, and provides support to topic through relevant examples

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