You, the candidate.

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1) Assignments should be 2-3 double-spaced pages, with reasonable (12 pt.) font and reasonable (1 inch) margins.

(2) Citations to material are required; in-text citations are preferred (MLA style). Minimum 6 citations

(3) Assignments must be turned into eCampus (for collection of artifacts for scoring).

The paper should be written on East district of Texas: Lufkin. House of Representative should be Trent Ashby

1st paragraph: should describe which district you are running for and who your opponent is. In this paper it is goin to be Trent Ashby. It should also include District demographics, area it covers etc.

2nd paragraph: For this paragraph the quiz given on the paper should be taken and describe the result. preferably Democratic.

On the 3rd paragraph look up the party platform (the link is given on the paper uploaded). should describe what areas you agree with the platform and what areas you don’t

The fourth paragraph should be the conclusion.

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