Youth Sports

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My topic that I will cover is the Impact of Youth Sports. I want to research the impact youth sports have on kids’ lives and world around them. I would like to discuss the role of youth sports plays into kids trying to be productive citizens in society. This will not be a bias research paper, so I will report the good or bad and things that I don’t completely agree with. I will also explain why or why not I agree with the material.

Briefly describe the significance of this topic and your rationale for researching this particular topic:

This topic is significant because most parents want to raise successful kids. With paper will give current and future parents information on rather sports helps and teaches their kids ways to be successful in live. Some believe sports is bad for a kids psychology and some believe the total opposite. The belief is one of the reason I want to research this topic from the book.

Guidelines for Term Paper

  • 8-12 pages (not including title page and references)
  • Double spaced
  • 12 font
  • Times New Roman font
  • 1″ margin all the way around
  • Introduction
  • Review of the literature/body of the paper
  • Conclusions and solutions
  • Reference list (minimum of five references, APA Format)–remember at least 60% of references must be from scholarly and/or primary sources (the textbook is considered neither).

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